This Loan scheme seeks to empower our customers who are currently engaged in an already operating/running business and are building their Loan Guarantee Fund consistently.

This credit facility is very affordable and it is based on the model os Saving,Borrowing and Repaying.

Any registered business owner with a savings history of up to 3 months can access this Loan and it can be the equivalent of 3 times of the accumulated Fund within a period of one to four days.

This is an easy repayment scheme which is tailored to meet the needs of growing small and micro entrepreneurs at a very affordable interest rate.

The repayment period id between one month and three years depending on the loan amount and the customers  financial ability .

All our payments are purely online via our various M-pesa platform and the customers balances are updated immediately with the customer receiving the updated balance via the registered mobile number.

A customer can secure this facility with guarantors or with fully charged collaterals.

It is this simple and straight forward to grow your business  with our Biashara Loan.

Save regularly,borrow wisely and repay as per the loan schedule and see your fortunes multiply greatly.

Dial *483*99# today to register and start this wonderful journey of personal and Business growth.