Owning a home just got Easier.

This product is designed to assist the customers with ready titles who would want to built a low cost house.

This facility is very dynamic and it is hugely dependent on the model of saving ,securing , borrowing and repaying

The interested customers must build their Loan Guarantee Fund to a maximum of a ninth of their loan amount required.This means that the customer will be eligible to access a loan that can be equivalent to a maximum of 9 times their accumulated Fund.

The repayment period is between 2 years and five years and the interest rates are negotiable depending on the location and the financial capability of the customer.

All our payments are purely online through the provided platforms and the balances are updated real time making it very easy to follow the progress through the whole period of the loan.

This product can also be secured by guarantors if they are willing to commit themselves for the long term or with fully charged Title.

Dial *483*99# today to register and start the very affordable journey of owning your home and bidding farewell to your Landlord/lady.